Saturday, July 17, 2010


that evening
i saw darkness were nakedly surrounding us
while we were driving across countries and phases
where have we been?
not that far - we know that
time went by
we lived in silence
the silence is killing me
and it still haunting me
i'm so gone
and lost
the fear - will come to us sooner or later
i know that, isn't it just too early
for the love of thee
we set us free
but still
my hand's shaking
my hand's numb
my eyes
still blurry and grey
my heart's burning
burning and burning
my head's banging
the love and flame
make us torn apart
the love, it's killing us both
and again, i already know that
we do
yes, we do
in parallel universe
the great parallel universe
in a month
or at least two weeks we flew away
to the island where we can pick up the sand
like stars
like the bluest sky
the discrete feelings
and another two weeks of silence
the nine tails
the visions
the tiresome
the restless
the thinking
the agony
the feelings
as you can see
as you can feel
as you can hear
the smile
the touch
the same air we breath
the words
the road we hit
the memory

is heartbreak, a part of our dream?
did we really cherrish the gold as we promised?

6.15pm, 17th july 2010

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