Monday, April 26, 2010

Untuk Satu Hari Yang Pasti Aku Lewat

Aku tidak bening dari malam itu.
Delinkuen? Ya, sejak bila aku berdoa pula?
Nafas aku gugus, sipi mampus
mengakali halwa yang apa? Apa?

Aku hamil, oleh kamu.
Aku hamil, kerana kamu.
Aku hamil, kerana kamu sentuh hati aku
dengan hati kamu.

Tiga ratus malam, cuma satu darinya aku bingkai
hanya satu aku kenal, aku simpan
di antara setiap galang nafas aku sedut
manakala akal aku terpejam, ia majal!

Aku tahu aku sudi akhirnya
untuk satu hari nanti.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


What happen to us O' sugar sweet candy?
Where's your luv that once drove me crazy?
You used to want, to talk, and miss,
But now you wont, you cant, you hiss!

Tell me how to make things as they were,
Guide me now because everything is a blur,
Show me the way into your everlasting grasp,
Give me a chance before I fall down and collapse...

So here I am praying for something to happen,
Make room for the heart because this soul is sadden,
Reaching for the stars and hoping for it to come true,
Because without His help there's nothing much that I can do...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Could you cry

Could you cry when you see a fallen leaf,
It is falling in a funny way,
Fallen as for it dance like a pop dancer,
Dance because it can't dance with the branches anymore,
It forget not how to dance with all of the others as the wind blow,
Now it is falling,
And it will dance solo now,
Dance till it end up as ashes on the stage.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Adakah aku yang lupa?

Hati ini lupa,
Sering lupa,
Lupa akan perjanjian sebelum roh ini ditiup ke dalam jasad,
Mengikut nafas syaitan yang masih akur janjinya dengan Tuhan.

Yuck Fou!

What deeds of mine gave birth to this hatred?
Cant our hearts combine and make all of this sacred?
Give me your soul and end this sadness,
Restore my sanity and abolish this madness...

So long white light O' moon so pretty,
Farewell my queen my mythical deity,
Those hopes of glory I not now see,
I surrender to thee and for that i flee...

-the end-

Thursday, April 1, 2010