Thursday, September 23, 2010

1 + 1

Lebih-lebih kurang,
Nak tambah tak berani,
Tanya nanti nampak bodoh,
Tak tanya selamanya bodoh,
Bodoh seminit lebih baik dari selamanya,
Selamanya mungkin 1 + 1

Friday, September 3, 2010


where this ego
alive and kicking and fucking
the octopus and elephant overshadow
their mating season
and hatred
both have ego
and rage
and fire
and fucked up
what is my desire actually?
do you want a cup of coffee?
americanize, american dream, briton ass
with a bunch of wet sticky ganja?
acid blotter?
have some,
it'll soothe you at least for awhile
calm as a time bomb
not your every day pill
sleeping pill
rave pills
with whiskey
toilet bowl ritual
done that
drink more
pure water
as punk as fuck
pure as they come from the sky
the bluest sky i have ever seen
as i read in the book
the green book
green as yr eyes
i wonder
mother earth
raped by us
we're all sinners
pissing and shitting in our own lawn
before we mow them
and put it in our jug
jug of joy
drink and drunk
by our shit
before we go to bed and fuck our mangina
anal or titfuck
hey you boy,
shut your eyes, fold your ears, fuck your assmouth
stick own stinky foot in your mouth
acrobatic and your dick in yours - if you have one
be a robot and smile
you'll be fine
the government will pay you
multinational corporation
private hospitals
the people will laugh
the election
and the children
the kids
they are alright!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

It spells your name...

Missing you is a hobby now,
Every single day I solemnly vow,
Love for life will someday run dry,
I need you to give me and us a try...

Surround yourself with thoughts of me,
Summon myself into your fantasy,
Accept my love my heart my soul,
Reminisce the memories that time had stole...

Alas I have found my one true deity,
Zealous I am in obtaining her beauty,
A moment spent equals a shower of hope,
Leave all behind so that we both could elope...

I Miss You baby...

2 September 2010
2:34 am