Friday, April 16, 2010

Could you cry

Could you cry when you see a fallen leaf,
It is falling in a funny way,
Fallen as for it dance like a pop dancer,
Dance because it can't dance with the branches anymore,
It forget not how to dance with all of the others as the wind blow,
Now it is falling,
And it will dance solo now,
Dance till it end up as ashes on the stage.


  1. back down to earth...
    back down to earth...
    then ko masuk solo robert. 3 solo stages!

  2. greng dum dum,
    greng dum dum,
    Aku ingat nak solo dangdut la.

  3. and the ashes become a fertilizer, helping a new life grow up with some smiles.....

  4. may the new life learn be better