Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Help the poor, Destroy the rich

"You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich," Abraham Lincoln.

"Those rich can stop being rich and share with the poor. The problem is how to share? We keep asking ourselves is this enough. Deep in our heart its really hard to give than to recieve. We always can find an excuse to say that those that need don't really need it. We just keep our eyes blindfold with our own thought. Its always our own decisions that deceive us. Most of the time we see ourselves poor, even when we are the top ten riches human on the earth. Its just materials. And it will never be enough. Its not human nature. Its animal nature. Only those who can dig deep enough will keep being sane when he drop from rich to total poor. Ask ourselves. Am I strong enough to be rich? The answer will always be yes to us. But seek the truth. Maybe you'll find that you can help the poor by destroying the rich." Khairi.


  1. Dah kena maki sumpah seranah baru post. Org-org tua degil! hahah

  2. Gila seronok empat ayat terakhir quote kedua.

    Thanks. :')